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The All-new Renault Kadjar has been officially launched with Australia’s newest SUV available in Renault dealerships across the country this last month. Renault in Australia has had a SUV lacking in between the compact Captur and the much larger Koleos, the Kadjar is very well regarded in Europe, as its shared underpinnings with the popular Nissan Qashqai but in my opinion is a much better looking vehicle.

Taken from Renault Australia’s news site;

Robust yet elegant, powerful but extremely efficient, dynamic to drive while remaining a haven of calm and comfort to travel in and packed with the latest safety, infotainment and connectivity systems the all-new Renault Kadjar is set to take the Australian market of mid-sized crossovers by storm.

Renault Australia Managing Director Anouk Poelmann said more than 500,000 people around the world have purchased a Renault Kadjar and now it will grace driveways, streets and highways across Australia.

Its compact size and command-post visibility make it ideal in busy urban areas; its estate car-like driving position and quiet, comfortable interior ensure the driver remains relaxed and focused on long journeys; and it has everything those owners who want a life of escapism and adventure might need.

The exterior exudes the dynamism and strength of a car built to go off the beaten track, but with more fluid, elegant lines than more boxy SUVs. It features muscular front wings, pronounced rear shoulders, slightly sculpted sides and doors which finish flush with the sills. Sculpted 17- and 19-inch alloy wheels are further evidence of its robust character.

Hopefully we see one in the RCCA real soon.