Christmas Party!

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Again the some 40 club members and friends gathered at Lane Cove National Park for the Christmas Party. The local bird life always look forward to our visit as they hang around knowing that there is always a good feed to be had. The Brush Turkey thought it might get in early but a few of the younger members decided that they would strongly discourage it from picking through our goodies. The kookaburra enjoyed the ham it was offered.

The day proved to be very pleasant with everyone enjoying the catching up and reminiscing about Renault’s and the club events in general. Lunch was a very nice mixture of salads and cold meats with your choice of drinks all supplied by the club. This was followed by watermelon and Christmas cake.

The kids enjoyed the decorated cup cakes made especially for them.
Santa made his usual appearance, in a Renault of course, after lunch and the mystery man had everyone guessing who was behind the white beard. Young Liam Ryan finally recognized Santa as the person who had driven him to the party. What a great performance again this year. Always a highlight of the day.

The raffle is always a great hit with the bigger kids. The club donates a number of prizes including the “money tree” and a year’s membership. Other members also donate gifts for the raffle.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then the cover photo is about ten thousand of them. 😀