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{25/03/2020} – Email to all current members.

Good morning everyone.

It was decided yesterday by the event director, Bob Sprague and the Club Captain, Andrew Collier, to cancel the round of the NSW Motorkhaha Championship that the RCCA was hosting this Sunday 29th March at Nirimba.

Andrew Papadopoulos, President of Motorsport Australia sent a letter to all members yesterday which you can read HERE. While there is no direction from Motorsport Australia yet whether events should go ahead or not for grassroots motorsport, all efforts were exhausted to try and keep the event going but ultimately it was the safety of the officials that concerned Bob and Andrew the most so the decision was taken to cancel our round. 

We apologise to all the competitors that were looking forward to the day.

Kind regards,


{23/03/2020} – Email to all current members.

Good afternoon to all our members.

As you are well aware the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve, and I wanted to share with you some important information about how the Renault Car Club of Australia has been impacted and the steps we’re taking to minimise the risk of exposure to our members.

Firstly, the April meeting will not be held at the usual venue but instead via teleconference. You will be able to dial in, listen and contribute to our general meeting as normal but via the telephone at home (free call). Over the next week more details will be sent on how you will be able to join the meeting, but it will continue as usual at 8pm on April 6th. This is currently for the April meeting only; the executive will be re-evaluating this post the April general meeting but expect if this is successful that the May and June general meetings follow the same format.

Secondly, Jugiong…
It is with great regret that we have had to postpone for a second time this year our 55-year-old Club tradition of the Jugiong Weekend. Late last week we were notified by Hilltops Council of several restrictions being imposed due to the current Coronavirus situation. As a result, we will not have the full use of the Jugiong Park (hall and grounds) as in previous years plus we are unable to clarify the food arrangements in the town, in particular, at the motel.

Some good news. The organising committee still wishes to run the event in 2020 and is considering dates in six-month time BUT this will depend on You! If we run Jugiong later in the year, we would love to see a big turnout to not only support the town but also our Car Club. If the interest is there, we will ensure that there is something that will make your weekend away enjoyable. Did you know it’s 90min from Jugiong to the Junee Liquorice & Chocolate Factory on some amazing country roads? Or The Sir George is now rated as the best pub in the area and has a wine tasting cellar with boutique accommodation? Point is the weekend is not all about the motorkhana. If we are to proceed with organising Jugiong 2020 then let us make it one not to forget! Of course, this depends on the current situation improving to a point where we can hold the event, but we need to remain hopeful and positive.

Lastly I would like to say that as a community we need to look after each other as we are all being impacted in some way, and as a car club we are taking the advice from not only state and federal authorities but other motoring bodies, car clubs and our members. I am working to ensure that the website is always up to date, the calendar correct, and we now have a dedicated page for Coronavirus updates which will also be supported with emails.

Below is a list of links that you may find useful.

Please take care and if you need any more information please send me an email.

Warm regards,