The Council of Motor Clubs

The Council was formed in 1963 by five Sydney-based car clubs as a body to represent the interests of the historic and classic vehicle movement. The Council was originally named The Council of Veteran, Vintage and Thoroughbred Motor Clubs (CVV&TMC). Being a somewhat unwieldy name, many enthusiasts referred to it as "Fred"; less of a mouthful. In November 2000 the Council became an incorporated body and was re-named The Council of Motor Clubs, Inc. or CMC. The CMC is, in turn, affiliated with the Australian Historic Motoring Federation (AHMF), a national organisation uniting similarly orientated councils from around Australia. The role of the CMC is a representative one – it represents affiliated clubs and their members with authorities such as the Roads & Maritime Services Authority of NSW with reference to Conditional Historic Registration; the Federal Government on matters such as leaded fuel and its continued availability, and such like.

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