Many Parts for Historic Renaults

I have a lot of old Renault bits and pieces from my father’s collection. He has passed away and we would like to move things on to places where they are useful.

The vehicles are mostly in the paddock, and in varying conditions, but anyone looking to restore something or for parts for something may find something useful.

We could agree on prices etc… Everything belongs now to my mother, so I cannot just give everything away. And the goods are located about an hours drive from Canberra. I have Parts for

  • Floride
  • R4
  • R5
  • Fuego
  • R12
  • R10
  • R16

There is a more or less complete R10 plus a carcass.
There are a few more or less complete R16s.

So there are all those useful parts like bumpers or light and engine type parts.

.Michele Munn

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