Sydney French Car Day – Sunday 13 July from 9:00am

2014 French majestic vehicle display.Same venue as last year and years previously – Silverwater Park on the south western side of Silverwater Bridge. Any car of a French heritage is welcome. Entry fee is $10 per car that goes towards recovering the costs of the park hire. This is a concourse d’elegance with magnificent trophies for winning cars, or if you prefer, just park your car in the field.
judging commences at about 9:30 and last entries for judging must be in by noon.
Any car presented for final judging has to be owned by a current financial member of an incorporated Australian or New Zealand car club, not necessarily a French car club. The car has to be from a French manufacturer and be a minimum of eight years since its build date. A car presented for judging has to be driven to the event. But, if you are not a member of a car club, you may be eligible for a prize. Or join a car club on the day.
Everyone with an interest in French cars is welcome. For more information contact the Citroen, Peugeot, Renault or Simca car club. Or Ross Berghofer, tel 0409 504 551.

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