Mid Week Run -Wednesday 9th April

 As a first we are going to try a midweek run on the  9th April   to Fagan Park , 38-48 Arcadia Road Galston.

  As some of us used to remember Wednesday was golf/sailing or networking afternoon and a break from the work grind. Well we thought we might revive this perhaps obsolete  tradition, and take our current toys on a midweek run. This will be approved by our conditional registration officer, so we can give the older cars some exercise.   The idea being that the runs will be to places fairly close to Sydney,North/South/E/W , and that everyone finds their own way there and back. Its a middle of the day thing to avoid peak hour traffic, and the stress to older cars and bodies.

 The First such Run is to a pretty private park called Fagan Park on Arcadia Road Galston, which is on the road to the Berowa ferry on the western side. Enter via the Main gate into a large tarred parking area.   Cost in is $5 per car, a note or gold coins, machine is unattended so no change available. Bring a chair and lunch/refreshments as there is no shop during the week.  BBQs and Covered areas avail.

 This park is like a botanical garden with great kids equipment,  Lets hope the weather is kind.


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