CARnivale Australia Day Sydney

By:- Alistair Brown
Once again the RCCA drew the short straw and we had to be in at the Domain car park by 6.10am to enjoy a sausage sanger and cup of tea. The organization was not quite as good as in previous years with no show bag and no staff at the entrance to tell us where to go. However, no complaints, it’s Australia Day so our little contingent consisting of Roger Copp in the green 750, Trevor Farroll in the maroon Dauphine, Bob Billiards in the blue 8G and me in the green 16TS set off at 7.10am and were parked outside the main side door to St Mary’s Cathedral.

CARnival 2014_1

We noted that some of the usual attendees must’ve been at the 50 th Jugiong. We did find another Renault, a yellow Floride
with a flash interior. The owner, Peter Thomas had bought the car about 8 months previously from a Mexican. He is a member of several other clubs but we hope he joins us. After a few early showers and some cool breezes, the day warmed up and the crowds kept coming.
It is always such a pleasant day watching the passing parade and seeing other cars. Nearby was a Willys Overland and I was reminded of my friend in the CMC, Alex, who, when interviewed by a female reporter from the local paper was asked how many Willys he had, replied quite sincerely that he had two Willys.

On display were some supercars including what we used to call affectionately a Lamborghini Pants Tearer. My favourite was a blue metallic Lamborghini Espada. During the afternoon my grandson came in to see the Wiggles Show. There were more prams there than outside Rooty Hill RSL on pension day. My grandson sat on my shoulders for a view of Emma (daughter of our esteemed Auditor) driving the Big Red Car. It was a day to meet all sorts of friends and acquaintances ranging from club members (Steve, David, Corey, Danny, Chris etc) to The Big Kahunah from  Renault Australia, based in Sydney (John) with whom we wish to strike up an enduring relationship. Then it was 5pm and the big charge commenced to get out of Sydney. Thanks Carnivale for another successful show. Thanks also to members who took the trouble to display their cars.

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