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Shannon's Eastern Creek Classic 2011

The RCCA, celebrating its 60 years of incorporation, was granted a special area in the pits for a number of its member’s cars.  The day remained quite pleasant despite a forecast of rain and there was a good turnout of members.  Celebrations were also for the E-Type (50 years), the Volvo P1800 , (50 years) and Chevrolet (100 years) .

All French Car Day NSW

Journée des voitures françaises

The trophies as announced on the day:
Best 50’s – Uwe Huempil
Best 60’s – Mike Stevenson
Best 70’s – Gavin Wulff
Best 80’s – Clive Atkinson
2000’s      -David Cawthorn
Renaultsport  -Julie Low
Amedee Gordini – Jason Emmelkamp
Best Special – Andrew Collier
Best Modern – Fran Fifield
Best Renault Runner up – Roger Copp
Best Renault Overall – Steve Kozak

National Motoring Heritage Day – 15th May

An RCCA/ROCC event

Meet at Berry on the South Coast.

We will be meeting our Canberra friends at the village where many clubs will rendezvous for a mini car show.

There are plenty of distractions at Berry for those who are not car minded!

It is expected a lot of older cars will be on the road.  We are going to meet at Loftus Oval which is on the left hand side heading south out of Sydney.  There is a toilet there however it may not be open so you may want to stop at the McDonalds just before or the Shell garage.

We intend leaving at 10am.

We shall make our way down south via the Freeway to Berry, probably without stopping, unless someone is desperate.  We shall not be tearing down (unless the faster cars wish to go ahead) so that our more sedate cars can keep up.  At Berry we shall be looking for the Berry Memorial Park which, I think, is the 3rd left turn on reaching Berry down Albany Street.  No doubt there will be signs.

At Berry we are hoping to meet up with a contingent from Canberra led by the one and only Barry McAdie.

It is suggested that  you take a warm jacket and chairs and may be your own lunch but if you don’t take the latter, there should  be plenty of eating places within a short walk of where we shall be parked.  Afterwards, please feel free to return to Sydney whenever you like and by what route you like.

Contact Alistair 02 9971 8612 for further details

4CV Muster – Easter Weekend 2011

Wellington NSW

The feature car for this muster is the Floride/Caravelle

If you have a rear engine Renault of any description you are more than welcome

If interested please call Frank Wicks (National Co-ordinator) 02 4324 2640

Starting Friday 22nd April Finishing Monday 25th April